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Where from?
Brynja Kohler
Logan, UT
Vicki Lyons
Highland, UT
Pedro Acosta
Houston, TX
William Day
Seattle, WA
Bushra Makiya
Montclair, NJ
Karen Petsche
Houston, TX
Jocelyn Smyth
Hollis, NH
Thomas Taney
Las Cruces, NM
David Thomas
Houston, TX
Mary Gruber
Columbus, OH
Betul Zenginobu
Istanbul, Turkey

Vicki Lyons

Hi everyone!

I am Vicki Lyons and I am helping Brynja with the Lesson Study group this year. I am so excited! Park City is such a fine place to spend some summer days - gorgeous mountains and fun times with math, teaching, learning, and great people!

Though I am still learning about lesson study, this past year Brynja and I have facilitated a couple of lesson study groups at workshops for teachers in Utah. That has been a really enjoyable experience for me. Consequently, I am looking forward to our collaboration in Park City and studying/learning more about lesson study. (Hopefully Tom will help us all learn more.)

My teaching - though I teach at Lone Peak High School in Highland Utah - just over the mountain from Park City - this past year I have been "on loan" teaching at Brigham Young University. So though I typically teach precalculus, calculus and statistics at Lone Peak, this past year at BYU I have been teaching college algebra and mathematics for elementary teachers. Quite a change, but it has been fun.

Personally, two weekends ago I just got back from scoring AP Statistics exams in Florida - so nice! and then last weekend my family and I went to San Diego for my niece's wedding (and a trip to Six Flags). So I feel a little spoiled with a Florida beach and a California beach one weekend after the other. Of course, in California after only a couple of hours playing in the waves my daughter got stung by a sting ray, which kind of ended our beach day there. I have lots of kids, but they are all nearly grown up (my youngest is 19) and some are married, but I still really enjoy the time we all (or some of us and their families) get to spend together.

Anyway, it is good to be home in Utah. I only live an hour's drive from Park City. I love the mountains and I hope that you will too. So welcome to our mountains and we'll see you in a couple more days!


Pedro Acosta

Hello Everyone,
My name is Pedro Y. Acosta and I just finished my first year of teaching at Lee High School in Houston, TX. Last year I taught PreCalculus and next year I will be teaching AP Calculus and two PreCalculus/Calculus AB classes.
On the personal side, I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. At the age of 14 I moved to Pennsylvania where I finished high school and went on to study at the Pennsylvania State University. I graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and decided to join Teach for America to learn about education in the hopes of one day be able to bring quality education to places in need in the Dominican Republic.
I am looking forward to learning a great deal from this program, as well as from the people in it. I am a youngster with lots still to learn from everyone. See you in a few days!

Pedro Acosta

Mary Gruber

Hello Everyone,
I'm not sure if you have all done this since I was a late addition to the lesson study group, but I wanted to introduce myself and get caught up on
any correspondence you have had so far. My name is Mary Gruber. I teach at a Catholic high school in Columbus Ohio, where I just finished my 5th
year of teaching. This year I taught Algebra 2, AP Cacculus, Calculus 2 and Statistics. Next year I will teach Geometry instead of Algebra 2,
whcih I am looking forward to! I love the hands-on aspect of Geometry and I missed not teaching it this year.

This will be my second time at PCMI. I was there last summer as well. It was the most rewarding, interesting, fun and useful professional
development program I have participated in and I am really looking forward to another chance to attend. I am pretty open to the type of lesson we
choose to study. Has anyone had a specific idea about what our area of focus should be?

Besides being a teacher, I coach freshmen girls basketball and I also like to play basketball when I get a chance. I am looking forward to the
second annual PCMI World Cup soccer game and to all of the outdoor activities in Park City. Can't wait to meet all of you and work with you!


Tom Taney

Hello All,

My name is Tom Taney. I currently teach 8th grade at Picacho Middle School in Las Cruces, New Mexico (Las Cruces is about 40 miles north of El Paso, Texas). I teach two CMP classes and one Algebra class. This is my 14th year teaching. 6 of those years were at high school, the rest are at 8th grade. I was also a district math coach for one year and a building-level high school math coach for two years. I tired of coaching and returned to the classroom two years ago.

I am also in a grant funded teacher leadership program at New Mexico State University. As part of that program, I led two lesson study teams: one this year, and one last school year. I enjoy and believe in lesson study as a professional development model. I am planning on leading another lesson study team next year. I am not a lesson study expert, but I do have some lesson study experience.

I ride a bike to school most days (a very cool 25 year old Schwinn), and I am debating taking my bike to PCMI; however, I think the altitude will kick my butt if I try to ride at Park City. I write and recite poetry. I present at local and state math conferences (mostly on geometry topics). I am going to present a workshop on spherical tessellations at the regional NCTM conference in Albuquerque next year. I recently joined a Rotary Club and I am planning on attending Rotary meetings with a Park City rotary club early Thursday mornings while at PCMI. I am also planning on trying to catch a Real Salt Lake game while I am in Park City this summer (Real Salt Lake is a professional soccer team). They have home games on the 4th and the 9th against FC Dallas and the New England Revolution. I think the game on the 4th also has fireworks after it. I have never been to a pro soccer game. I think it would be fun. I also umpire youth baseball games.

I have 4 children ages 17 to 22. I have one 4-month old grandson. I have been happily married for 23 years. I look forward to meeting all of you this summer.

Bill Day

Hello All--

I am Bill Day and I am in the final quarter of my M.Ed. program at the University of Washington in Seattle. Before entering graduate school, I taught high school mathematics for 6 years on the east coast. I have taught Geometry, Algebra II, Precalculus, and Computer Science. I am currently deep in a job search and hope to have a position by the time PCMI commences. This will be my second stay PCMI, though last year I was a part of a group that only stayed for only one week. So I am looking forward to the full PCMI experience.

At my previous school, my department toyed around with lesson study and during my graduate studies I have had a chance to work with teachers who use video to analyze and discuss lessons. Lesson study seems like an exciting option for making relevant, significant professional development opportunities-- so I'm glad to be in this group.

On the personal side, I am from Minnesota, where most of my family still lives. I am a pretty active person-- I will be looking for a PCMI tennis partner and am thinking about renting a mountain bike. I also enjoy having a beer with friends. Crossword puzzles are also a favorite of mine.

See you all in Utah!