We need to go through the inspire part of the lesson
  • the student sheet is on the wiki
  • the student calculators will be set to the correct place
  • some student should read the first page.
  • teacher needs to remember to tell students to hit control right arrow to change pages and after that their is an arrow on the top left corner to change pages.
  • teacher needs to tell the students how to grab the point.
  • teacher needs to tell the students to hit cntl decimal to drop a point and control escape to undo dropping a point.
  • we need to make a teacher cheat sheet for inspire commands for this activity.
  • Bill questioned how to facilitate the inspire part of the lesson.
  • Solution to bill's question, 1-4 with a mini wrap-up and then all the way through 8 and wrap-up through #7.
  • Karen - Should we have the students make a table of their solutions from the inspire?
  • Ask them to see if they can come up with a situation which would cause the two equations they had in the inspire.
  • we need to make a rule of four sheet to match the inspire file equations with the verbal quadrant being optional. Jocelyn said she would do this.

We are going to go through the exit task.
  • Bushra - Are we going to go over the answers to the exit task with the students?
  • Tom - Should we keep # 1 as an exit task
  • We are not answering the exit tasks witht eh students.
  • we are going to keep all three but we are going to take the multiple representations part of #1.
  • Bill "I think # 2 is a wierldly odded problem"

Selection of the teacher for Friday's practice lesson.
  • Mary was drawn

Bynya brought out the fact that she felt the transition to the exit task from the inspire activity was too abrupt and asked how we could make it better?
  • we decided to ask the students "How does the calculator activity we just did relate back to the activity we did with the skiers and snowboarders?"
  • An extension question could be "can their ever be a way that two equations have some other than one solution?"

How to observe a lesson How we will observe the lesson
  • observers are looking for learning
  • Bill - I think in this case we are looking for understanding as opposed to learning.
  • Tom - I think it is more about how poeole come to an understanding.
  • Bynya - suggested we use roles.
  • Bill - and Karen are going to be time keepers.
  • The rest of us will shadow a person.
  • Brynya and Vicki will watch from an overview position.

Tasks for tomorrow.
  • Bushra - will make skier and snowboarder worksheets
  • Jocelyn - will get the inspire and rule of four worksheets
  • Brynya will bring the computer with the inspire program the projector, and the video camera
  • Tom will call Mr. Wojo for the names of the students to make name tags.